Gary A Slack 

Gary A Slack 


It all started when...

Our government decided to start taking away our right to bear arms. It was at that time, that I decided to buy my first gun. After I purchased a gun, I wanted to get properly trained, so I became a life time member of Frontsight Firearms Training Institute. They are the leading firearms training facility In the U.S. After that I began to spend a great deal of time learning about firearms and got hooked. Man, did I get hooked!  I decided to get trained as a gunsmith and after much research, I found the best training in the country was with American Gunsmithing Institue here in California. Anderson Gunsmithing was established in 2015. I am continuing my education in gunsmithing to stay up with this ever- changing industry. I specialize in Pistols, Revolvers and AR's. I am a licensed Glock-smith, certified firearms appraiser and a certified firearms dealer. 

Being trained by American Gunsmithing Institute is a real plus as I am trained in design, function, and repair. If you know and understand design and function, it is easy to repair any gun. Being a gunsmith is not about replacing parts. It is about finding out what caused the firearm, and/or its parts to fail and correcting the problem. If you just replace a part without correcting the problem, you will be back again for the same thing.


As a firearms Dealer I try to get you the best price on the gun you are looking for. I work out of my home and do not have the overhead of most gun dealers so I pass the savings on to you.

I am also an FFL so if you purchase a gun on line, I can be your FFL of choice. 

As a firearms appraiser we can help you sell your gun with a good appraisal of the current market value. If you have a gun collection or inherited  a collection of guns and need to know the value, give me a call.