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 Need A Certified Firearms Appraiser? Whether you have one gun or a collection of guns, I can provide you a certified appraisal. Are you thinking of selling that old gun but don't have any idea of its market value? Let us do the leg work and give you a certificate of value. If you are an attorney handling an estate with a firearms collection, give us a call. Looking to sell a gun collection? It will be important to sell that gun in the correct market. As an example, shotguns bring the best value in the midwest and will bring a better price with an auction house in that area of the country. Let us assist you in getting the best price for your firearm by putting it in the correct market.


Certified Glock armorer and gunsmith. I specialize in pistols, revolvers and AR's.  We do Repairs -- gunsmith deep cleaning, custom builds, trigger jobs, grip modifications, custom slides, or sight installations. Need that rifle scope bore-sited and zeroed in? give us a call. 

Firearm Dealer

As a firearms dealer working out of my home I can save you money on that next firearm purchase. If you know what you are looking for, let me provide you with a quote and save you money. Just email at or text me (925-787-7243) the description of the firearm you are considering and the website where you found it, and I will see how much I can save you on the purchase. If you buy the Firearm from me, I'll  give you a reduced FFL (federal firearms license) fee as well. Once you buy from me, you will buy all your firearms from Anderson Gunsmithing.

Firearms training

If you own a firearm you should be properly trained. I have a connection with Frontsight the leading tactical training facility in the United States. Ask me about this training for a special discount cost for my customers and their family members. Get a life time membership at a greatly reduced price to you.

As a member of one of the top training facilities in the country, I can help you become the expert marksman you always wanted to be. Even if you are a great shot we will make you even better. Give me a call at 925-787-7243 and ask me about the special firearms training and the special rates that I can get you.

Anderson Gunsmithing provides top notch support for gun owners. Fantastic expertise, great pricing, prompt and exceptionally friendly service!
— Chris Elliott


L.A.S.R. (laser Activated Shooting Recorder). This

Shooting System is the ultimate solution to in home training (dry practice) that will pay for itself in no time. Save your ammo for when you really need it. Training safe, smart and often is the only way to become a really good shooter. Dry practice at home really helps fine tune your skills. This system is the best I have ever tried, and that is why I became a dealer for L.A.S.R.. Check out the product page for more info on the cost and products they offer.

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Sportear Dealer

Hearing aids have helped people struggling with hearing loss for a long time. The simple technology of sound amplification has greatly improved over the years and today hearing aids change lives for thousands of people. In recent years hearing devices have been changing roles, and today they are not just for the hearing impaired, but for outdoorsmen and hunters as well.

SportEAR Hearing Enhancement

SportEAR hearing devices are designed specifically for hunters. Hunters keenly rely on their hearing for a successful hunting trip, and many times the secret to their success is that they were able to quietly listen to their target coming long before they saw it. 

SportEAR Hearing Advantage

The advantage of hearing devices in the sport of hunting is fairly obvious -- the better a hunter can hear, the more likely he is to have a successful hunting trip. When a hunter uses hearing devices, he can enhance his ability to hear by eight times! This makes him eight times more alert to the animals surrounding him, and eight times more likely to have a successful hunt. With SportEAR hearing devices a hunter gives himself the hearing advantage equal to or even better than his prey.


SportEAR Hearing Protection

It's a cold, hard fact -- gunfire is harmful to your hearing. Sounds louder than 90 decibels over a period of time can damage your hearing. Normal conversation registers in the range of 45-60 decibels. The average gun blast can range in excess of 140 decibels, close to the noise level of a jet engine.  SportEAR’s ability to both amplify and compress sounds makes it the perfect choice for hunters and avid outdoorsmen alike.